26 November 2013

A Dialogue Trip By EESTÜRK

Eestürk association organized a cultural trip for interreligious dialog attended by Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia and Eestürk president, Mr. Fatih Güllü. The trip lasted in total 7 days. In the first 3 days various places in Istanbul were visited and a lot of contacts were made, like at one of the leading TV channels Samanyolu and the best selling news paper Zaman Gazetesi. One of the most significant events was visiting Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, followed by a meeting with Patrik I. Bartholomeos. This was followed by a visit to The Journalist and Writers Foundation and a short meeting was held with the co-chairmen mister Mustafa Yeşil. These events once again underlined a step toward dialogue and tolerance. The two last days of the trip were spent in Gazientep, where Zirve University was visited and a meeting held with Rector Prof. Dr. Adnan Kısa to get to know the university better. After that a visit was made to the head of Gazientep municipality mister Dr. Asım Güzel. Also, the Turkish biggest and second biggest zoo, The Gazientep Zoo, in the world was visited. This was accompanied by a visit to one of the biggest carpet productions, Gazientep’s Royal Carpet. Finally, the art of ebru (the art of marbling) was introduced to the visitors. On the sixth day a trip to Şanlıurfa was taken to show the Temple of Göbekli, the fish lake and in the evening a lovely get-together was held. The last day of the trip was spent in Mardin Midyat and its most important monastery Mor Gabriel Monastery was visited, followed by meeting with metropolitan Mor Timotheos Samuel Aktaş.